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  Template Agenda for a Team Building Day

Team building days should be done 2-4 times a year, and are best scheduled around the time new members are introduced to the team. This will allow for faster integration of new and old team members.  Effective team building days have a couple of different interactive activities and break up the normal routine. Above all, these should be days the team members look forward too. Work with your team to find out what activities will be the most appealing. Lastly, make the activities low-to-no cost so that participation does not create financial stressors for team members.

0700-0830 – Team sport, or team fun run
  • The team sport should be a game that most folks can readily play and should not be a game that team members feel highly competitive about. Ultimate frisby, for instance, is a game that your team will likely be equally (in)experienced with-leveling the odd- but will still enjoy fairly well.  
0830-1030 – Cleanup, change, and meet back at office
  • Allow more or less time depending on commutes.
1030-1200 –  Team training
  • This is a great time to go over new software, processes, or company initiatives that the team will participate in. Make sure the topic of training is uplifting; this would be a bad setting to address team problems, or conduct remedial training with which the team has a negative association.
1200-1400 – Team lunch
  • A two hour time slot allows the team to commute to a favorite restaurant, or in a lower-cost scenario, make final preparations for a pot-luck contributions. Additionally, setting aside a fair amount of time allows for a relaxed meal full of conversation.
1400 – Early out
  • Letting your folks leave for the day a little early is the icing on the cake that makes these days enjoyable and something to look forward to. There will likely be little they could accomplish in the last 60-90 minutes of their day in any case. You want them to leave this day on a high note, as opposed to ending their day scrambling to catch up on email, or trying to decide which project would be worth starting at the end of a day. 


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