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Is military education 'win-lose'?  

Short answer is yes, and no. There are critical tasks and competencies found in the military that can only be trained by the military. When service members take courses that teach these competencies, they both win. However, the service member only wins in the short term. Eventually that service member will need to retire and likely obtain a follow-on job in the private sector and if the training he or she has received in the military does not support that transition, it is a long-term 'lose' for the service member. The military should, to the extent possible, look to training that the private sector offers and recognizes that develops service members in competencies that they need and simultaneously prepare for a smooth transition into the private sector for the service member. Focusing on win-win training paradigms will save the military money, ensure operational competencies are met and prepare service members for smooth transitions to the private sector.