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Checklist for Interviewees

Before you Apply

  • Review the organization’s strategy, recent history, vision and mission statements; make sure this is a company you want to work for
  • Meet with current employees to get and understanding of the company’s culture
  • Arrange to have references ready

Once the Interview is Arranged

  • Review the job description as well as your relevant educational and experiential background
  • Prepare questions to ask your interviewer
  • Anticipate potential questions and prepare answers
  • Print additional resumes or any other documents you plan to have ready

The Day Before

  • Travel to the location of the interview, make sure you know how to get there so you won’t be late; ensure your vehicle has a full tank
  • Set out your clothes, ensure they are pressed and clean
  • Ensure your printed handouts are by your car keys, or already in your car
  • Get a good night’s rest

The Day of the Interview

  • Make sure you eat a good breakfast
  • Relax; the more relaxed you are, the better you will perform
  • Don’t over-hydrate, you do not want additional distractions
  • Ensure you are at least 15 minutes early, but do not enter the workspace more than 5-10 minutes in advance of the interview

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