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Are you empowering your employees in "where" and "when" they work?

  Allowing your workforce to have some control about where they work can have a tremendously empowering effect. Do all of the tasks you need them to accomplish have to occur at a brick and mortar office or facility? Take some care to sort through all the tasks you want your employees to accomplish. If some could be done on their terms, remotely from a café for instance, then allow them to the flexibility to decide where those tasks are accomplished. Empowering in this way will engender trust with your workforce.

Many tasks and functions of the modern workforce need not occur during the 9-5 work day. As a sophisticated leader, you will be able to sort through the tasks that absolutely need to be done during business hours and those that don’t. To the extent possible, allow your workforce to accomplish as many tasks during a schedule that fits their lives best. In this way, your business can move forward with an appreciative workforce empowered to determine when they work. If you don’t trust your organization to have ownership of when they work, again where feasible, then it’s time to make some personnel changes.  When you have the right folks on board, this is an easy and effective way to empower.