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 'Employee of the Month' Award Template  

Making award/recognition programs simple and easy to use is critical. Here is a baseline template for an ‘Employee of the Month’ program that can be tailored to meet most companies’ needs. For this program I break up the elements of the program into the 5 W’s for simplicity’s sake.

WHY: We value the critical contributions our valued employees make to the organization. Organizational members who set standards of excellence and model best practices deserve recognition and our gratitude.

WHAT: Our organization’s ‘Employee of the Month’ award is a recognition program established to reward those organizational members who best exemplify the organizational values of hard work, self-leadership, integrity, team spirit and customer service. In the underlined portion you would insert your own stated company values.

WHO: All organizational members may be submitted by their immediate supervisor or his or her immediate supervisor. An organizational member may also be submitted collectively by three or more of his or her peers. A committee of three to four team leaders led by a department/division manager will review and grade the packets (or equivalent personnel).

WHERE: Nomination packets will be submitted to our organization’s administrative center, where they will be reviewed by the committee.

WHEN: Nominations for the ‘Employee of the Month’ award will be submitted by the 5th of each month, for the preceding month. Nomination write-ups should include the activities and accomplishments made by the nominee within the previous month.

HOW: Nomination packets will consist of a formal memo including a total of five impact statements describing the nominee’s accomplishments and how they made a difference in the organization’s operations or success. Each impact statement should be no longer than 300 characters. These limitations will encourage nominators to be concise and focus on the most important accomplishments. The limitations will also make the packages a reasonable size for grading. Each committee member will grade the nominations independently and the overall scores will be averaged. The highest scoring nominee wins the award.


The impact statements will be graded on four separate criteria, up to four points per criterion, per impact statement, for a total possible of score of 80 points per nomination.

Company Vision – On a scale of 0-4, with 4 being the highest, to what extent was the accomplishment in line with, and furthered, the organization’s vision? Example: The nominee worked diligently to create an ad campaign which will partner with and highlight the efforts of a local charity, in keeping with the company’s commitment to enable local community service through outreach.

Objective - On a scale of 0-4, with 4 being the highest, to what extent was the accomplishment supported by empirical data/objective numbers? Example: The nominee closed three major sales during the month, increasing company projected gross revenues by 7%.

Relative - On a scale of 0-4, with 4 being the highest, to what extent was the empirical supporting evidence relative to an industry standard or company average? Example: The nominee had the highest customer satisfaction rating of all team members, exceeding company standards with a 92% rating.

Impact - On a scale of 0-4, with 4 being the highest, how impactful were the accomplishments on the operations or success of the department, branch or company at large? Example: The nominee’s exceptional handling of the client and delivery of customer service resulted in a very large expansion of the existing contracts.

Michael Farr, PMP, is a Chief Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force and founder of He is passionate about recognition and enabling professionals to motivate their organizations through recognizing their member’s excellence. When he is not slaying dragons with his kids, he can be found at @fosterxcellence on Twitter, @fosteringexcellence on Facebook, and @fosteringexcellen on Instagram.

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