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  Boss for the Day Recognition Program

The ‘Boss for a Day’ recognition program is a fairly cost free way to reward individuals and teams for exceptional performance. This program can be coupled with any ‘Employee of the Month’ program as the reward for being designated employee of the month. Exceptionally performing employees would be designated ‘boss for the day’ with special privileges that would benefit the individual or their team/office. The reward would allow the ‘boss’ of the day to select two or three of the below privileges to leverage for the day.

  • Early in/out – The ‘boss’ may let the office come in two hours late or go home early two hours early

  • Corner office – The ‘boss’ can use the manager’s office for the day

  • Dress down – The ‘boss’ may prescribe a more relaxed dress code for the day

  • Special parking – If there are parking spaces reserved for organizational leadership, the ‘boss’ gets liberal use of that parking space

  • Long lunch – The ‘boss’ may mandate a 90 minute lunch break

  • Boss Butler – The manager would serve the ‘boss’s needs in butler-like fashion for the morning or afternoon (fetching drinks, taking coats, valet parking etc)

  • DJ for the day – The ‘boss’ gets to pick the music on the office radio or speaker system for the day

Michael Farr, PMP, is a Chief Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force and founder of He is passionate about recognition and enabling professionals to motivate their organizations through recognizing their member’s excellence. When he is not slaying dragons with his kids, he can be found at @fosterxcellence on Twitter, @fosteringexcellence on Facebook, and @fosteringexcellen on Instagram.

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