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  14 Easy Ways to Show Your
Office You Appreciate Them

Showing your workforce that you appreciate them is an important part of cultivating a positive and vibrant environment. While ‘employee of the month’ or quarterly recognition programs are important, if they are the only way you are recognizing your employees it is probably not enough. Organizations should be saturated with positivity, and that means you as a leader should be looking for ways to show your office that you appreciate and value them frequently. Not every gesture of appreciation or recognition needs be formal; there are numerous ways to informally express your gratitude and appreciation:

  1. Team Building Days
  2. Bring in donuts or breakfast burritos
  3. Linked-in recommendations
  4. Summer Fridays
  5. Stock the break room snacks
  6. Celebrate work anniversaries
  7. Shout outs for personal accomplishments (when an employee finishes a certification or completes a marathon)
  8. Summer Car Wash (managers wash employees cars, couple with a pot luck lunch)
  9. Early out on their birthday
  10. Flexible telecommuting for high performers
  11. Awesome break rooms (ping pong tables, foosball etc)
  12. Shout outs on company social media pages or newsletter
  13. Company gym passes
  14. Cost-share training you both want them to have

Michael Farr, PMP, is a Chief Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force and founder of He is passionate about recognition and enabling professionals to motivate their organizations through recognizing their member’s excellence. When he is not slaying dragons with his kids, he can be found at @fosterxcellence on Twitter, @fosteringexcellence on Facebook, and @fosteringexcellen on Instagram.

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